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Industrial Refrigeration

The food and beverage industry relies heavily on dependable refrigeration. It holds the products that are fundamental to the business. Therefore, it’s critical that the right industrial refrigeration system be designed to: 

  • help safeguard the freshness of the product, 
  • keep costs as low as possible, and 
  • operate efficiently.

A reliable refrigeration system is essential

There is a process to ensuring the reliable operation of the refrigeration system. When the professionals at Brown’s Refrigeration design and install your refrigeration you will be assured that it will operate efficiently, effectively, and reliably. We know and understand that all aspects of refrigeration, such as correct equipment sizing and proper installation, affect how well the system operates.

Developing the refrigeration system involves:

  • designing a system that will meet all loads that your industry handles,
  • using the best products in the industry,
  • assessing and giving solutions for reducing energy consumption,
  • integrating control systems that are integrated for smooth operation,
    and more.

Refrigeration system tailored to your business needs

At Brown’s Refrigeration, we will work with you to design a refrigeration system that is customized to meet your specific needs. Some of the components of the system designed and installed for you may be:

  • Redundant systems to reduce/eliminate loss of product
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Increased energy efficiency by design
  • Designing systems with future refrigeration conversion in mind... allowing for ease of conversion 

Our team At Browns Refrigeration of Tallahassee has the training, skill, and expertise to design, install, and keep your refrigeration system running at peak performance. We meet and exceed all refrigeration standards and codes. And we only use the highest quality products. This all combines to ensure that you will have a dependable long-lasting system. 

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